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Industry updates for week 52 of 2020

This section is for recent industry updates related to Artificial Intelligence.

  • DeepMind’s support for NNs over neurosymbolic models: The neurosymbolic models are found to be better in terms of prediction accuracy and consider counterfactual possibilities but DeepMind is claiming better performance by NN if used in the right conditions. To get to know more, visit here.
  • When we rely on algorithms too much: The vaccine distribution algorithm designed by Stanford missed the frontline doctors by a margin of 1223. Though the real truth is being investigated, the blame game has already taken its roots when the medical center authorities blamed the algorithm for miss-functioning due to its complexity. Yet, the residents pointed out the ML algorithm to be not complex at all it is based on basic calculations with few parameters kept in mind. To get full details, visit here.
  • AI solves complex mathematical equations: The researchers from Berlin have designed an AI algorithm for computing the ground state of the Schrödinger equation. To find out more, visit here.
  • AI can beat in Chess: Google’s DeepMind venture has claimed that it can beat anyone at Go, Chess, and any other video games without learning the game’s rule. To read this interesting breakthrough, visit here.
  • AI may be used for Biological defense systems: The US defense systems are soon going to use AI/ML in developing biological systems. To find out more, visit here.
  • AI to monitor Sleep and Mental health: AI has contributed to developing a neurochemical called Serotonin that controls brain thoughts and emotions. This interesting research can be read over here.

Articles for week 52 of 2020

This section is for recent Blog Posts/Tutorials related to Artificial Intelligence.

  • MIT Online Courses: The article describes the freely available courses from MIT relevant to AI and ML. To access this list, visit here.
  • Best ML frameworks: The article covers various frameworks for ML that might save researchers from spending energy in investigating the best software for their application. To have a look over available frameworks, visit here
  • Fairness and Bias in AI: A biased network is a major threat to AI applications. Different biases and case study examples are explained in this article.
  • Seq2Seq Learning: The sixth edition of the Seq2Seq learning series is out now describing the Encoder-Decoder model for long input-output sequences through Bahdanau and Luong mechanisms. To know more, visit here.
  • Microsoft’s Transfer Learning algorithm for drones: The researchers at Microsoft have developed a transfer learning algorithm that perceived actions from simulations and implies the algorithm to the unmanned drones. To get more details, visit here.
  • Install multiple CUDA and cuDNN: The article brings together all the steps to be followed in case one wishes to install multiple CUDA based on the requirement. Here are the article details for a glance. 
  • Top AI and ML trends for New year 2021: With the world coming to halt because of the pandemic, the new year has plans for AI and ML to flourish. The Gartner’s Strategic List points over statistics for this year and coming year in terms of businesses switching to or partially relying on AI for various parts of its functioning. To find out more, visit here.


This section is for recent Tools/Applications related to Artificial Intelligence.


This section is for recent Lectures/Conferences/Webinars related to Artificial Intelligence.

  • MLU’s new course out now: Amazon’s ML university debuted in August and is here again with a new course based on Decision Trees and Ensemble Methods available on their Youtube channel from 21st December 2020. The Github repository has all the course contents including datasets and slides.
  • HMM introduction: A beginner’s video to learn about Hidden Markov Models is presented.
  • AI for farming: The future of farming is far from imagination and is nearly fulfilling all unexpected milestones by Plenty, an agriculture startup based out of San Fransisco. To get more details, visit here.


This section is for recent research published related to Artificial Intelligence.

  • Img2pos: The six Degree of Freedom 3D pose estimation algorithm is proposed by the University of Notre Dame and Facebook AI team. The algorithm works for face detection or landmark localization. To know more, visit here. The Github repository and research paper are also available for reference.


This section is for updates for other various related topics to Artificial Intelligence.

  • Facebook event on ML- from Training to Production: To get more details, join the event list here.

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