A summary of recent updates in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for week 48 of 2020. For more regular updates and related discussions, join us in the Artificial Intelligence Community. As always, thanks for your support for sharing it with your friends and colleagues on social media.

Industry updates for week 48 of 2020

This section is for recent industry updates related to Artificial Intelligence.

  • Synthetic Speech for silent speech: The researchers at the University of California, Berkeley have developed a silent speech detection model using AI and EMG and electrodes placed near the face and throat. To get a quick read, visit this link.
  • Archaeologists are using AI: Finding artifacts, weapons is a task and fantasy for every archeologist. It takes several months to years and sometimes finds nothing after so much effort. This problem is addressed by Dr. Caspari and his team apply CNN on Google Earth images and found success with 98% accuracy. To read the full story visit here
  • Power of recommendation engines: The article explains how current recommendation engines are defining the way customers buy and employees work. To read more, visit here.

Articles for week 48 of 2020

This section is for recent Blog Posts/Tutorials related to Artificial Intelligence.

  • Human and AI: This article gives out of a box view of how humans perceive versus machines. Asking the right questions and getting answers to them is also what humans are known for. This article is a philosophical point of view before beginning with teaching machines human-like intelligence.
  • Comparison of two popular Text detectors: This post compares two deep learning-based text detectors, namely CRAFT and EAST that are Deep Learning based. The article performs a comparison based on Visual inspection, model size, inference latency, and memory. To get full details, visit here
  • Image from your thoughts: This new tool analyses brainwaves to generate an image closest to one’s thoughts. Here is the news report for a quick read.
  • Human portrait drawingHere is the Github repository report a good application for using AI to convert pictures into portrait drawings. 
  • Transfer learning in medical imagingThis post gives a brief description of various techniques using Transfer learning for medical imaging.
  • Stylizing image background: The article describes ML models to real-world scenarios for creating artistic effects along with quick steps in benchmarking TensorFlow lite models. Here is the entire post for a quick read. 
  • PyTorch lightningThis article gives an introduction of PyTorch lightning, step-by-step examples including advanced examples as well.
  • “TL; DL”: too long, didn’t read: The Allen Institute for AI has developed a new tool for summarising research articles. Currently, the tool works for CS-related articles. Here is the entire article for a quick read.


This section is for recent Tools/Applications related to Artificial Intelligence.


This section is for recent Lectures/Conferences/Webinars related to Artificial Intelligence.

  • Introduction to on-device ML: This is a TensorFlow lite based video featuring developer advocate Khanh LeViet explaining its use for embedded and mobile applications.
  • AI in financial services: This is a webinar discussing directions for financial services using ML such as digital lending, Supply Chain Banking, and Consumer Banking.


This section is for recent research published related to Artificial Intelligence.

  • CASTELO: This new algorithm is proposed for lead optimization during the pre-clinical trials. The combined effort by ML and molecular modeling reduces lead optimization time proving to be a useful tool for the medical community. To read the entire article, visit here
  • Deep Learning in nano-photonics: A critical review of deep learning approaches for inverse design of photonic devices. It includes various DL techniques, their pros, and cons along with their applications. Here is the full article for reference. 


This section is for updates for other various related topics to Artificial Intelligence.

  • Code finder: If you are a researcher working in any field accessing research articles on Scholar, this extension offers code available if any associated with the article. Here is the extension for download.
  • Ace your ML interviewsThis a web portal especially designed to prepare for your ML interviews.

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