A summary of recent updates in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for week 44 of 2020. For more regular updates and related discussions, join us in the Artificial Intelligence Community. As always, thanks for your support for sharing it with your friends and colleagues on social media.

Industry updates for week 44 of 2020

This section is for recent industry updates related to Artificial Intelligence.

  • DeepMind’s Causal Reading: The DeepMind has re-introduced probability trees for causal induction for bringing out clean semantics. Here is the entire article for a quick read.
  • Google’s AI converts web-pages into videos: Google’s URL2Video converter converts any web-portal into a short video. Here is the full post.
  • MasterCard used AI to protect against cyber attacks: MasterCard has introduced its AI-powered tool to protect banks fight cyber attacks. To know more, visit here.
  • AI in steel and manufacturing Industry: A discussion with the Head of analytics at Tata steel revealed AI being used in steel and manufacturing units, their challenges, and certain case studies. Here is the entire article.
  • AI for cotton farming: To help farmers and reduce their losses due to pests, Wadhwani AI started with collecting data samples and launched a prototype application that works offline. Here are more details about the project.
  • NVIDIA’s Video conferencing technology: NVIDIA’s Maxine is an AI-based platform for providing quality and experience of video conferencing in real-time. To know more, visit here.
  • Google’s BERT for Passage Indexing: Almost a year up, Google’s BERT has been a part of all the search engine features. News it might also be a part of Passage Indexing which highlights specific passages for query requests.
  • Waymo and Daimler set to sell autonomous trucks: Waymo and Daimler have teamed up to being the sale of autonomous trucks across the US after the successful launch of the beta version of autonomous technology by Waymo in Arizona. So AI is taking over man!
  • Google mT5 now open source: Google’s multi-lingual variant of T5, mT5 is now open-source which is trained in 101 languages. To know more, visit here.
  • AI says there are 1.8billion trees in Sahara: Professor Martin from the University of Copenhagen was surprised to find a lot of vegetation in the Sahara desert through his team working in AI and satellite imagery. The researchers used Deep Learning to locate vegetation in the Sahara. Here is the entire news post.
  • Adversarial ML is having security threats: Applying ATT&CK to machine learning. Full article is here

Articles for week 44 of 2020

This section is for recent Blog Posts/Tutorials related to Artificial Intelligence.

  • Mix and Match: The Mix and Match project uses a conditional generative model to encode and disentangle the background, shape, pose of an image to form a mixed image. The heart of the project is FineGAN. The tutorial can be accessed here.
  • Cross-Validation: A tutorial on implementing Cross-Validation techniques for estimating the performance of an ML model using scikit-learn is explained here.
  • A recommender system using Linear Regression: The post explains the idea behind a recommender system and basic steps to build one from scratch. To get more details list here.


This section is for recent Tools/Applications related to Artificial Intelligence.

  • PyTorch new version update: The PyTorch v1.7.0 is here and to read the documentation visit here.


This section is for recent Lectures/Conferences/Webinars related to Artificial Intelligence.

  • Song was written by AI: Hey songwriters out there, it’s time to tighten up your efforts because your jobs are in danger after AI has tried to write a song which is quite good. Here is a video of Anna Vaus singing River of Love written by AI.
  • Andrew Ng keynote: The deep learning.ai CEO Andrew Ng’s ket note on challenges of deploying AI, possible solutions ignorer to improve generality and robustness can be viewed here
  • AI camera blunders: A fun video of how an AI camera kept following a referee’s head assuming it as a ball in a soccer game in Scotland.


This section is for recent research published related to Artificial Intelligence.

  • AI’s attempt to solve Differential Equations: The researchers at Caltech have developed a new technique to solve the Partial Differential Equations, which is better than the earlier deep learning-based methods. To know more, read this.
  • AI detects Covid-19 cases from phone calls: The researchers at MIT have proposed a convenient screening technique for filtering the asymptomatic Covid-19 patients from the way they cough. The research video and news post can be accessed from the attached links.


This section is for updates for other various related topics to Artificial Intelligence.

  • DeepNote: Have you tried DeepNote which is a real-time cloud-based notebook with Jupiter compatibility. Though it is in an earlier version, it has been used by renowned researchers.
  • OpenPose: The OpenPose project detects 135 key points on the human body including hand, face, and foot points. The GitHub script can be accessed from here.
  • MNIST Latent Space: This is a play one demo developed using Tensorflow.js to train an autoencoder and be seen in working here.

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